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Product Description

The Schoeps MK 2 is a omni directional capsule for the Collette CMC 1 and CMC 6 series, featuring a moderate high-frequency response elevation at 0°, which compensates high frequency losses caused by the increased diffuse field amount when used near the reverberation radius

The MK 2S has proven particularly useful in two- and three-microphone stereo arrays, where its placement near the reverberation radius of the sound field presents a sonically balanced pickup favored by many recording engineers. This model has become our most popular pressure transducer.

Omnidirectional capsules can be considered sonically optimal if realized as true single-diaphragm systems – which is what we at SCHOEPS do. Their strengths include exceptionally linear frequency response with extended low-frequency response and a low noise floor. Additionally, when used in an A/B or Decca Tree setup, omnis provide excellent stereophony and stunning spatial resolution. Omnidirectional capsules are capable of picking up reflections and modes from all directions, resulting in a well-balanced room sound.