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  • Eventide H910 Harmonizer - Arda Suppliers
  • Eventide H910 Harmonizer - Arda Suppliers
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Product Description

The H910 Harmonizer® uses a combination of pitch shifting, modulation and delay modules and is considered the world's first digital effects processor. Eventide's H910 plugin-in is a faithful recreation of the original hardware heard on many classic records from artists like AC/DC, David Bowie and Frank Zappa.

Use the H910's pitch changing ability to create specific musical intervals and harmonies, spread guitars, fatten snares, apply subtle organic de-tuning to synths or add slap-back delays to vocals. At extreme settings, you can create unheard-of mechanical sounds and drone effects using self-oscillation, delay, and anti-feedback.

When you purchase the H910 Harmonizer® plug-in, you also receive Eventide’s exclusive H910 Dual Harmonizer®. This version recreates the popular technique of running two H910 units in parallel to create lush doubling and other interesting effects.


  • Keyboard and MIDI mapping to control pitch and harmonization in real-time
  • Built-in Envelope Follower to slightly (or massively) vary the pitch, creating entirely new sounds
  • OUT2 Delay Group
  • True analog modeling of highly nonlinear electronics for faithful reproduction of the original H910's juicyness and grit
  • Anti-Feedback modulates the pitch around unity for a subtle or wild effect
  • Optional "glitching" of original H910 hardware to create unpredictable sounds as it alters pitch
  • Modify pitch by musical intervals (diatonic) to harmonize vocals or solo instruments
  • Delay rhythms and melodies to create everything from slap-back echoes to feedback chaos
  • Create colorful, unique sound effects and drones through self-oscillation
  • Individually control delay outputs and dry/wet mix
  • Mix Lock allows for scrolling through presets or settings while keeping the dry/wet mix constant