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  • Apogee FX Rack Pultec EQP-1A - Arda Suppliers
  • Apogee FX Rack Pultec EQP-1A - Arda Suppliers
  • Apogee FX Rack Pultec EQP-1A - Arda Suppliers
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Product Description

In our obsessive quest to reproduce every nuance of the Pultec Program Equalizer and Mid-range Equalizer, we had a worthy partner – Steve Jackson of Pulse Techniques, the current manufacturer of new Pultec hardware. During the 10 years Steve spent to recreate the legendary EQP-1A, he learned the intricate secrets of each component from the only person alive who knew them – Eugene Shenk, the original Pultec designer.

Legendary recording engineer Bob Clearmountain has used original Pultec EQs as an integral part of his mixing process since early days at New York’s Power Station studio, so he was thrilled to audition Steve’s re-creations. After careful listening, Bob determined that the new units were sonically identical to the originals. He uses new and original units interchangeably at Mix This, his Los Angeles-based studio.

After careful analysis of several vintage and new Pultec EQP-1A and MEQ-5 units, Apogee chose to model our plugin after Steve’s new hardware – it was like unboxing brand new units in 1959.

We’re proud that Apogee’s software Pultecs are the only EQP-1A and MEQ-5 type plugins endorsed and fully licensed by Steve and Pulse Techniques.



– Precisely recreates the Pultec EQP-1A’s unique characteristics:
– Broad EQ curves, to gently but powerfully shape your sounds while maintaining their integrity
– Interaction of Bands, to create characteristic EQ curves used by engineers for decades
– Circuit Non-Linearites, to add the “magic” that hardware units are renown for
– Developed with Pulse Techniques, current manufacturer of hardware Pultec EQs
– Apogee plugin modeled from brand new Pultec unit
– Officially Licensed and Endorsed by Pulse Techniques
– Includes FX and FX Rack versions
– Run natively in your favorite DAW on macOS or Windows, no Apogee hardware required
– Runs on Apogee hardware DSP in Element Series and Ensemble Thunderbolt audio interfaces and features DualPath Monitoring for near zero latency recording

System Requirements


  • MacOS 10.12.6 or higher

  • 4 GB minimum RAM, 8GB of higher recommended

  • Free Pace iLok account – physical iLok not required


  • Windows 10 and higher

  • 4 GB minimum RAM, 8 GB or higher recommended

  • Free Pace iLok account – physical iLok not required

Supported DAWs

• Logic Pro 10
• Pro Tools 12, Ultimate (ProTools 11 and lower not currently supported)
• Ableton Live 10
• Cubase 9.5  VST 1 & 2  (VST 3 not implemented in this release)
• Please note that any AUv2, VST 1&2m, or AAX fully compliant DAW should work